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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  October 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CDT

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now at 4:30 - most in the area will stay dry this evening...but a few of us may feel a few raindrops tonight. it's starting to feel a little
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the cooling trend has begun, no more 70's today.brian niznansky joins us with the weather.... with a storm system to our south and an approaching cold front from the northwest, clouds hung around much of the day today. i think most of the area stays dry this evening, but i cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle or very
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milwaukee police need your help finding an armed robbery suspect.we just got these images of the suspect from police.investigators tell us he walked into the walgreens near 35th and wisconsin avenue pulled out a gun, demanded money from the clerk, and took off with the cash.if you recognize the suspect call police. we are learnng more about a nationwide f-b-i child prostitution sting which lead to the arrest of 23 suspect and the rescue of 11 child sex our area... f-b-i agents of the 11 recovered, three were recovered from wauwatosa, four from the
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from glendale, and one from milwaukee.f-b-i officials tell us more juveniles were recovered in wisconsin than in any other state involved in the operation. the defense for the girls accused in the slender man stabbing investigation in waukesha want their client's confession blocked.according to the journal sentinel morgan geyser's confession should not be used as evidence -becasue she was too young and disturbed to understand and give up her rights to remain silent or talk to an attorney. geyser and anissa weier are accused of stabbing classmate to please the fictional character, slender man.the classmate survived. fiat chrysler is recalling more than 200-thousand jeep wrangler s-u-vs... because the air bags may not inflate in a crash.the recall covers certain wrangler model years from the 20-16 and 17 .in government documents, fiat chrysler says wiring to a sensor can come loose, cutting off signals to an air bag computer... and if that happens the air bag won't
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discovered during the company's crash tests. and about 175-thousand rice and slow cookers are being recalled... due to fire and electric shock hazards.the recall involves 3 squares- branded rice and slow cookers with fixed power cords.the cookers were sold at several stores nationwide as well as online... from december 20-15 through last july.if you have one, stop using it and contact 3 squares to receive a the rebuplican and democratic nominees for president will debate each other for the third and final time tonight in las vegas.donald trump and hillary clinton will take the stage at the university of nevada, las can expect the debate to be a heated one.some beleive this will be one of the last chances for both hillary and trump to win over undecided can watch the debate right here on today's tmj4 at 8 o'clock.
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new on live at 6.. that's the warning from police, after a contractor is arrested waukesha.. tonight.. what officers say he did, that has him facing felony charges.. that's new on live at 6.. more local news now... milwaukee police officers from district five bring a little bit of halloween to students at messmer catholic high school.officers and students gathered the pumpkins earlier this week and brought them to the high school today.families were invited to come pick a pumpkin and to kids. the milwaukee admirals are hosting a free open skate today at uwm panther arena. this is the first public event for the admirals since the team moved into their new digs. the skate starts at 6 tonight. the admirals first home game is october 29. a reminder "the mike mccarthy show" is tonight at 6:30 on today's tmj4.the guest is safety morgan can watch the now: milwaukee on
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coming up next...the two things researchers say could contribute to infertility problems in men. also ahead... the speculation about apple's latest computer and why experts say signs point to a
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4 your health today...a new study finds that men struggling with are ?not? more prone to medical problems than their peers.researchers studied medical records of nearly 800 men with and without fertility problems.they found no relationship between the number of diseases a man had and their ability to conceive a child. but new research shows there are a few things that may have an impact on a man's fertility. scientists found the risk of fertility problems was about 10-percent higher among men taking ace inhibitors and beta blockers.
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less than six hours of sleep a night or more than nine also had problems conceiving a child. if you suffer from arthritis you may want to consider massage therapy. new research shows it can help soothe sore joints and muscles, and improve also shows also massage can help reduce blood pressure and stressand while not a medicine, it can compliment doctor prescribed arthritis treatment for dealing with the still ahead...the new feature facebook just unveiled today. but first, here's a live look from port washington. meteorologist brian niznansky is back with the latest on our
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with a storm system to our south and an approaching cold front from the northwest, clouds hung around much of the day today. i think most of the area stays dry this evening, but i cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle or very light shower. lows tonight should fall into the 40s.with the cold front passing through overnight, we can expect a much cooler day tomorrow. highs will only be in the 50s, but at least we'll see some more sunshine. it will also be quite breezy tomorrow. the north wind gusting over will add a little chill to the air. if you're headed to lambeau field, expect a dry game with temperatures falling from the 50s during your tailgate to the 40s by the second half of the game. friday should be even cooler with highs only in the lower's looking like we'll have a very nice fall weekend to plan around. both saturday and sunday appear dry. highs on saturday climb back into the upper 50s and sunday we
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apple is said to have plans to launch new mac computers... just in time for the holidays. they're holding an event on october 27th. the move has been expected seeing as just last month apple released mac o-s sierra - a major update to the mac operating system... but has yet to introduce any new computer models sporting
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today facebook is unveiling new features that basically act as your personal social secretary.the features are sort of like the app yelp in that they help find things for you to do and places to go based on recommendations of your facebook friends.the features also include ways to buy tickets, register for events and buy merchandise. if you or someone you know always seems to be wishing there were more s smartphone usage.that's because a few or a lot of wasted minutes can add up, and cut into productivity. but there are some apps that can actually help you stay on track. offtime is a comprehensive app that monitors and controls your smartphone use. set it up to block specific social media or game apps, or set it to tailored modes, such as "work
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out an analysis of your phone and app usage to clearly see if you need to adjust usage. the offtime app is $2.99 for ios and android. flipd takes a more aggressive approach to breaking smartphone use. users lock their phones for a set period of time and that's it there is no way to use the device for the time period set. even shutting the device off and turning it back on won't allow access. flipd also can be shut down remotely, say if parents want to control kids' use of apps. flipd is free for ios and android with additional cost. the app called forest uses more of a game-like approach. you plant virtual tree seeds that grow over time as long as the app stays open. leave the app to use others, and trees planted in the forest app start to wither. keep the app open for the longest possible time to earn additional trees and grow your own digital forest. the idea is to use incentives to stay on track. the app is $1.99 for ios and android, and
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coming up coming up next...what ecuador's government admits to doing to wiki leaks' founder - that parents do all the time. plus...the iconic candy that's
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parties to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. but in washington, senator ron johnson sides with big insurance. voting to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients. senator johnson - hurting wisconsin families. beyond wisconsin...scary moments for some south carolina elementary school students when their bus caught fire officials say the students were evacuated off the bus right before the bus burst into flames.fortunately everyone one out safely and no one was injured.the bus was towed to the state bus yard where the cause of the fire will be investigated. six detroit police officers
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pending a federal investigation.according to the allegations, the police officers would receive $100 or finding abandoned cars on the road and calling a particular tow truck company.the case claims some of the officers had been taking the kickbacks for years.the case is being investigated by the f-b-i, and formal charges are pending. the government of equador admits it took away internet access for wi julian assange, but denies it was pressured by the u-s. assange has been living in ecuador's london embassy since 2012.he suspects the u-s has been pressuring ecuador because wikileaks leaked material it cliaims came from the clinton campaign. the u-s state department says it has had nothing to do with it. health officials may have found a solution when it comes
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carrying the zika virus. they're looking into putting bat house on beaches.experts are unclear whether bats are effective as mosquito control or whether they would effectively combat the species of mosquitos that carry the zika virus, but they may still give it a try. lovers of m and m's will soon have a new flavor to devour... caramel.mars' new m and m's feature a caramel center covered in coated with the brand's colored candy shells.the m and m's are slated to hit store shelves in late may's unclear whether the new flavor will be a limited-time offer or a new staple.
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. next at 5. she works for the prison system, now she's
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police say an off duty corrections officer committed. live at 5 starts now. new at five: an off-duty corrections officer is accused of shooting a woman in the head, after an argument in a milwaukee night club. the victim, is now clinging to life, after she was shot while sitting in her car. good afternoon. i'm shannon sims. off.and i'm george mallet.the accused shooter, 22- year- old lillie jones is charged with use of a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct. the state corrections officer is on administrative leave.julia fello is live on the north side where detectives say this all began. the corrections officer is now on the other side of the law. police say this all started as an argument inside this night club, after the victim bumped into her leg.
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officers...called near the onyx night club sunday night.a 22-year-old victim was slumped in the drivers seat after she was just shot in the head... witnesses told detectives in court records that the off duty corrections officer approached the victims car.. said--"[expletive] i wasn't going to play with you."shot her.. and then drove off.we've learned the woman arrested, 22- year-old lillie for the taycheedah womens correctional institution. jones was hired by the state department of corrections in july..stunning alderman tony zielinski who oversees this area of our city. we the inmates? what's more concerning to alderman zielinski.. is learning from police that the argument between the 22-year-old victim and suspect.. started inside the club. since july, a restriction has been in place to not allow anyone under 25 in. i was the one who made the motion in committee to impose that age restriction of 25 and up prior to their not being an age restriction there was no issues were looking at all our options right now to
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after dodging detectives, jones was found in a hotel. she claims she never fired a weapon. the one she owns, is no where to be found. i have also been working to get in touch with the owners of the club for comment, we have not heard back yet. live on the north side julia fello todays tmj four. former milwaukee alderman paul henningsen died today. the milwaukee county medical examiner says it appears henningsen died of natural downtown milwaukee for nearly 20 years. he was forced out of office in 2003 and was sentenced to prison for embezzling from his campaign fund. a reward was presented today to the informant who provided the leads that resulted in the arrest and conviction of the men responsible for killing a girl.5- year- old layla petersen was shot and killed as she sat on her grandfather's lap. ben jordan is live with the story. that man says it had nothing


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